Let's take your biz to the next level

I know just how overwhelming running a business can be! Especially when you're first starting out. What camera and lenses do I need? Do I need a contract? What about posing? And paying taxes? And how the heck do I even get people to book me?!

You second guess every decision you make and wish you could just fast-forward to a time when you feel like you know it all! But the truth is you don't have to do it alone!

In my mentor sessions nothing is off the table. I will share what I've learned in this industry over the past 5 years and what I wish I knew when I first picked up my camera. I am truly an advocate of community over competition and believe there is always enough room at the table for all of us to create and succeed in our businesses.

So whether you’re brand new to photography and have no clue where to start, or you're looking to streamline certain aspects of your business, I’m here for you! In our ever-evolving industry you can never stop learning and growing. And when you invest in yourself, others will see your value and invest in you too!

So, let's get started....

Facetime / Phone Call

A 1.5 hour virtual call where we talk any and everything about photography and your biz! Camera settings, posing, editing, workflow, pricing, client experience, business side of things... Nothing is off limits :) This session is completely catered to YOU, so I encourage you to put together a list of topics or questions ahead of time so that we make the most of our time together.


In-person Coffee Date

Bring on the coffee and let's hang!! This 2 hour session is a great opportunity to not only go through all of your questions on an even more personal level, but we can also bring our laptops to go though Lightroom and editing, visualize workflows, dive deep into Honeybook and other programs to help your business, critique your website and anything else you might want help with!


Shoot & Edit Session

We'll start at a coffee shop for some Q&A to prepare for the shoot (camera settings, lighting, posing etc)! Then we'll go shoot together with a real couple! You'll see how I interact with them & work behind the camera before taking the lead as I continue to offer feedback and guidance. After the shoot, we'll go back to the coffeeshop to review my backup & editing processes and finish with any final questions you have!


Popular Topics

Camera settings, Compostion & Light

Lightroom & Editing

Providing an amazing client experience

Posing & capturing candid, emotional images

Pricing & pricing guides

Client Guides & Questionnaires

Time Blocking & Organization

Generating Leads & Not getting ghosted

Essential programs to run your business

Social Media & Marketing

Post processing workflow

(backup through delivery)

how to start an associate team


You want to go full time with you biz

You want to get (and stay!) organized

You want to improve your client experience

You're feeling burnt-out and in need of inspiration

You want to excel with your camera setting in any lighting situation

You're just starting your photography biz!

Ready to invest in yourself?

Then let's do this!