The girl behind the lens

Hi friends! I’m Marisa. A pizza snob who drinks too many lattes and has a passion for documenting love stories.

When I’m not third-wheeling it with my rad couples you can typically find me hiking in CVNP, drinking an IPA at a local brewery or re-watching The Office from my couch surrounded by my husband and 3 furbabies. And if it’s a really good day, all of the above.

I have an intense love for animals, coffee shops, traveling, nature and adventures. Oh and I love my husband Michael too. That’s him in the photos with me below. We’re pretty goofy together. I’m talking spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, singing at the top of our lungs goofy. He’s my best friend, biggest supporter and best human I’ve ever known. And the best parts of my life would have never been possible without him.

Being able to tell a couples love story lights me up in a way I never thought possible. And I truly believe I have the BEST job in the world.

My love affair with photography started long ago but it was truly transformed the moment I photographed my first couple. It’s important to me to capture genuine moments and emotions; tangible memories you will have long after your wedding day is over.


+ making my cats chase laser pointers

+ watching The Office on repeat

+ over-using emoji’s and exclamation points

+ wearing sweatpants and slippers longer than is typically acceptable

+ starbucks whipcream

+making my husband stay up past our bedtime

+judging the crap out of pizza

+ meeting super awesome people and having the privilege of documenting their stories





+ close-minded people

+ throwing cigarette butts out the car window

+ overly-crowded spaces

+ negativity

+ bras. enough said…

+ political debates (enneagram 9 right here!)

+ days I don’t get to eat pizza




When it comes to your big day, I capture it exactly as it unfolds. From the big moments to the messy, authentic, in-between ones. Not just photos of you walking down the aisle, but the glisten of tears on moms face as she watches you. And of course we will still totally get those smiling at the camera “grandma’s fridge” shots. Because let’s be real, I want to see Grandma’s face light up when she receives a copy of that photo just as much as you do.

But most importantly I want you to remember the uncontrollable laughter, the warmth of big congratulatory bear hugs and all the fleeting little in-between moments that might otherwise be forgotten. I want to invest in your love, your story and your wedding vision. I’m here not only to be your photographer, but to be your dress-fluffer, drink-holder, personal hype-girl and most importantly, your friend.

So let’s create meaningful memories together.

Let's grab coffee and hang!